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4x4 Exodus Sound System Featuring Rodney Dymonz

4X4 Exodus Classic Dub Plate Specials

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Featuring Rodney Dymonz at the controls, very clean audio.

reggae sound systems

InnerCity vs Gemini – 1990 [mp3]

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stonelove and bass oddessy 2012

StoneLove & Bass Odyssey- 23rd Anniversary 2012

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Two great reggae dancehall sound systems, StoneLove & Bass Odyssey, 23rd anniversary…More >>

steely and clevie founders of silverhawk sound system

SilverHawk Dubplate Specials 2014

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A nice selection of new specials featuring Richie Poo ant the controls.


Jamrock vs Super D – 1993 [mp3]

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SilverHawk Sound Presents Ninja And Shabba

Ninjaman And Shabba SilverHawk Dubplate Mix [mp3]

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SilverHawk presents a mix of specials of Ninjaman And Shabba exclusively. Mp3…More >>

richie poo silverhawk

SilverHawk Vs MetroMedia 1992 [mp3]

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SilverHawk Vs MetroMedia circa 1992. Featuring lots of duplates and selector Richie…More >>

4x4 exodus vs silverhawk

4×4 Exodus Vs Silverhawk

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Silver Hawk Sound System is the brain child of veteran producers Clevie…More >>

ninjaman on stage

Border Clash Stageshow 1991 [mp3]

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Border Clash Stageshow 1991 featuring Ninjaman, Admiral Bailey and Professor Nuts. Length…More >>

coxon vs saxon 1985

Saxon Vs Sir Coxsone, Peoples Club 1985 [mp3]

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This program features two great sounds from back in the day, King…More >>